The Focus & Grace pendant is an original design by Shankari the Alchemist, handmade in Sterling Silver featuring a powerful combination of stones including an Amethyst, a Peridot, a Pink Topaz and a double pointed Adventurine crystal set parallel with a Black Tourmaline crystal. Amethyst supports Creativity and Spiritual Strength, connecting your Mind with your Higher Self. It helps you make decisions more quickly and maintain confidence in your choices. Amethyst helps you develop new and creative ideas revealing the Artist within you. The Peridot gemstone is for Healing, Wisdom and Cleansing. It helps to remove old blockages in your energy. The Pink Topaz will help you develop your sense of Humor and Fantasy. Manifest your heart’s deepest desire and release yourself from limitation. Pink Topaz will open your mind to the humor in your situation leading to more opportunities for laughter and joy. The Adventurine is for your Creativity and Decisiveness. It releases the creative juices instigating transformation and restructuring. Decisions are made easily with confidence. The Black Tourmaline Crystal will give you Strength and Power. It will help you center your energy and provide Grounding. This five stone design will support you through Travel, Changes and New Experiences. Experience your Freedom and Adventure wearing this powerful Shankari pendant

Focus & Grace

SKU: 29816-13A-9-13
  • Gem Stone Energy Descriptions:
    Adventurine: Creativity, Decisiveness,
    Amethyst: Creativity & Spiritual Strength,
    Peridot: Blood Cleanser,
    Pink Topaz: Humor and Fantasy,
    Black Tourmaline: Grounding,
    Sterling Silver Gemstone Pendant.


    Limited Edition and Completely Hand-made. It measures approximately 4.1" tall by 1.6" wide
    (8 by 3.1 cm). Design by Shankari.

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